ACEFAST uchwyt samochodowy do kratki / szyby / środkowej konsoli magnetyczny D7 czarny

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1. Material: plastic + silicone + metal alloy. 2. Size: 105*36*36mm. 3. Weight: 100g. 4. Applicable mobile phone size: 4.7-6.8 inches. 5. Battery capacity: 250mAh, opening and closing times when fully charged: about 800 times. 6. Applicable scene: air vent. 1. Built-in battery, can be used after parking and when car is turned off. 2. The clamp is responsive and locks the phone within 0.2 seconds. 3. The new long-arm hook lock clip firmly locks the air vent blades. 4. Does not block the line of sight, drive safely.